Sir Michael Caine Created His Own Backstory for Alfred


Sir Michael Caine himself was interviewed recently about his character Alfred from The Dark Knight Trilogy and apparently he had created his own backstory for how Alfred got to where he is. I love stuff like this and it’s an interesting look at not just the character but the process of the actor in creating who he is portraying and giving him a history and motivations with which to impact his emotions and mindset. Check it out.

The Dark Knight Rises Review (Spoiler Free)

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The Dark Knight Rises is finally here! After doing my very best to stay up to date on the filming while remaining spoiler free for the last year was tough. Was it worth it? Was four years of anticipation since The Dark Knight worth it? Yeah, I suppose, sure. This latest Bat-film is better than any other non-Nolan Batman movie. But how did it stack up to the previous Nolan movies from Gotham City? Continue reading