Disney Style X-men

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(Top Row: Wolverine, Colossus, Gambit & Rogue, Beast, Nightcrawler, Storm. Second Row: Kitty Pryde & Lockheed, Jubilee, Forge, Psylocke, Iceman, Arcangel. Bottom Row: Deadpool, Cable, X-man, X-23, Marrow, Domino, Kid Gladiator)

Deviant Art, artist, Matt Humphreys gives us his idea of what the X-men might look like if given the green light for a new animated series on, say, Disney XD. I really like the look of the characters and the inclusion of newer, lesser knowns like Kid Gladiator and X-man along with marquee stars like Wolverine and Gambit. A nice touch having Deadpool be aware that he is where he is. Continue reading

Prometheus – Fire On The Horizon

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We are 8 days out from Prometheus hitting theaters. While we definately know this tale takes place among the Aliens mythology we await to see to just what degree and intensity it does.

Ridley Scott returns to a world he helped create and brings his unique visual style in full force along with a veritable who’s who of todays most talented actors. Starring Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, Noomie Rapace, Idris Elba, Sean Harris and more, Prometheus follows a group of scientific explorers as they venture to another far off world. While there they seek the answers to the origins of mankind. Some things are better left hidden. Continue reading

Fizmarble Profile: Threadless Tees

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Threadless Tees For You and Me

A t-shirt is the simplest but most standby of clothing choices. I own more than I need because I keep tossing them in the closet when they move out of rotation. I should probably pass them along or give them a viking funeral or something. Honestly, some of them no one would want or miss, but still they remain, faded, frayed and in a pile on top of luggage and other random closet creatures. Continue reading

Brian’s Comic Book Picks for May 30th, 2012


Supercrooks #3 (of 4)

Place a bunch of comic book archetypes together and give them a week to commit the biggest super heist in comic book history. Mark Millar, of Kick ass fame, brings us the newest issue of his newest creation. Leinil Yu, brings his unique visual style to the party as well. While Mr. Millar is hit or miss with me, this has been a definate hit and a fun little twist on both genres. Jump on board and get a hold of this and the previous issues to see the firendships and interactions of super villains trying to help one of their own. Continue reading

On Wings Of Lead





In January of 2011 I started watching the television program Wings, a few episodes turned into a few more and then finally the determination to watch them all.  I had fond memories watching the repeats while playing with Lego’s on summer vacations during late elementary and early middle school.  The character’s were funny and charming, who didn’t want to be Brian when they grew up?  I felt like this is what life would be like as an adult, all I needed was a kooky group of characters to flesh out my own version of Tom Never’s Field.


When I started watching Wings on that cold morning in 2011 I wasn’t surprised by how dated some of it looked, it was 1990 when the show started.  Some of the shine it had was a little tarnished, and not in the way that the hair was big or the shirts tucked into high-rise waistlines, but that I watched one episode and then another and then another and didn’t remember laughing. Continue reading

How to secure your web browsing with LastPass, and why.

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You like browsing the web.  You frequent myspace, facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  You check your email through Gmail or Live mail, or Yahoo!.  You find it convenient to do some online banking.  And you definitely love to do some shopping.  And for all these sites you manage multiple passwords, always using strong passwords, and never using the same password on any two sites.  Right?

Wait, don’t tell me you use the same password on every site!  Uh oh, we need to have a talk.  I can’t believe you are not using “protection”.  It’s time I shared something with you.  It’s called LastPass, and it might just save your life identity.

Continue reading

Post-Rock Talkin’

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I had originally intended to do a review of “Valtari”, the newest album by the Icelandic foursome, Sigur Ros (pronounced See Gore Rose). Instead, I decided to do an overview of the genre of music some say they helped create. Post-rock is the name commonly attributed to what they do. A coined term like grunge or alt country. Many “post-rock” bands are less than enthused about being categorized under that label, much less at all. I can completely understand that, but still, it has to be called something, I guess, and that’s what got thrown at the wall and stuck. Continue reading

Review: Spider-Man Blue

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This might be me showing up late to the party with this review, but we’ll just consider this a tenth anniversary celebration since it’s original run was from July 2002-April 2003.

Tim Sale and Jeff Loeb have done quite a few amazing books together (Superman For All Seasons, Daredevil Yellow, Hulk Gray) and this is one of the strongest in their stable. Continue reading