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Will the past come back to haunt you or will it be a memory of a rougher time that you worked to make better? Do you want a more accurate remembering of details time may have lost? Would you really just like to let your awesome future self know you are plenty awesome now? Want to see how bad your musical taste was? Well then FutureMe is for you. Continue reading

How to secure your web browsing with LastPass, and why.

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You like browsing the web.  You frequent myspace, facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  You check your email through Gmail or Live mail, or Yahoo!.  You find it convenient to do some online banking.  And you definitely love to do some shopping.  And for all these sites you manage multiple passwords, always using strong passwords, and never using the same password on any two sites.  Right?

Wait, don’t tell me you use the same password on every site!  Uh oh, we need to have a talk.  I can’t believe you are not using “protection”.  It’s time I shared something with you.  It’s called LastPass, and it might just save your life identity.

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What to expect when purchasing a home security system.

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If you’ve ever been stung by the loss of property in your home due to a burglary.  You may already be the reluctant purchaser of a home alarm system.  On the other hand, if you have never been burglarized, then it may be time to consider upping your defenses while you still have a perfect record.  The intent of this article is to take away some of the mystique of purchasing a home alarm system and to educate yourself to reduce the chance of becoming a victim.  Continue reading

Celebrate Robert Moog with this google doodle.

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Electronic music pioneer Robert Moog received the honor of having a Google Doodle created in celebration of his 78th birthday.  We could talk about the gear he created and the music he made and inspired, but you should read up on that after you mess with this synthesizer.  Mess with the filter and oscillator knobs, and record your own jam.  Enjoy it here!

After playing with the Moog Google Doodle (Moogle?), you can read more about the man, here.

Eugene Polley Inventor of the Remote Control Dies, 96

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Eugene Polley

I have had many moments during my last thirty-one years where the the thought of getting off of the couch was too taxing to attempt. Thanks to Eugene Polley and his Flashmatic wireless remote for televisions, the path was paved for many lazy Sundays of channel surfing.

Eugene Polley died of natural causes at age 96 this past sunday, May 20th.

Polly, created the Flashmatic, a light based remote control, the first controller to be free from those awful wires we all hate so much, while working for Zenith.  Over the course of his career he acquired nearly 20 U.S. patents.

My hat goes off to you Mr. Eugene Polley, while we might not always think about our remote control, we surely do use it everyday.