Guardians of Middle-earth Announces New DLC Character – Saruman

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Gamers can download and play as the infamous White Wizard, Saruman in Guardians of Middle-earth on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Before his betrayal, Saruman was the Chief of the Wizards and leader of the White Council, including leading fellow Wizards, Radagast and Gandalf, all of whom were sent to protect Middle-earth.

I’m Here – A Short Film by Spike Jonze


This is a bit longer than most shorts. If you missed this film directed by Spike Jonze in 2010 then give it a viewing now.

A library assistant plods through an ordinary life in LA until a chance meeting opens his eyes to a the power of creativity and ultimately, love. When this new life and love begin to fall apart, he discovers he has a lot to give. This short film proves that ordinary is no place to be…

TED Talks – A Monkey that Controls a Robot With its Thoughts.

Left Field, Movies/TV

There is nothing I can come up with that is better than that title.

Can we use our brains to directly control machines — without requiring a body as the middleman? Miguel Nicolelis talks through an astonishing experiment, in which a clever monkey in the US learns to control a monkey avatar, and then a robot arm in Japan, purely with its thoughts. The research has big implications for quadraplegic people — and maybe for all of us.

A Look at the Man of Steel from Total Film Magazine

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Here is a high definition look at the newest cover of Total Film Magazine. It gives a great look at Superman and Lois Lane looking off into the distance probably at the Batwing or something. Like Batman is up there flying and Lois is thinking how she likes fast men in fast rides and Superman is all like screw you Batman I don’t need planes for flying. Yeah….something like that.