National Donut Day, I Love You

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Doughnut/Donut, I do not want to know a world without you in it. Today as with every June 1st is, National Donut Day. While the actual origin of this tasty treat is up for some dispute, this celebratory day began its exsistence in 1938. Continue reading

Fizmarble Profile: Threadless Tees

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Threadless Tees For You and Me

A t-shirt is the simplest but most standby of clothing choices. I own more than I need because I keep tossing them in the closet when they move out of rotation. I should probably pass them along or give them a viking funeral or something. Honestly, some of them no one would want or miss, but still they remain, faded, frayed and in a pile on top of luggage and other random closet creatures. Continue reading

Do not cross this line……Nutella

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I am scared. Not of spiders or heights or never knowing love. I am scared of Nutella. It may be entirely evil. It’s all fats and sugar and carbs and delicious and oh I want to eat it……No……Must not give into temptation. I have tasted Nutella….once….and when I did, I knew that I had to either kill it or it would kill me. I like to be a fit guy, but I like delicous things as well. It’s an almost daily conflict of what I should eat and want to eat. If I open the cupboard and see a can of tuna in there, I’ll probably eat it. If I see a cookie….well, then It’s my duty to prevent it from going stale. Now, if I saw a jar of Nutella…….oh, man. I’d cover the cookie in it, go all nom nom nom and then probably spread it on the unopened can of tuna and find a way to consume that too. Continue reading