E3 – Halo 4 (Master Chief Returns for a New Trilogy)














E3 has begun with Microsoft’s press conference and already there is a ton of goodness being laid before us. Of course one of the shinier objects grabbing our attention is the trailer for Halo 4 and some hints as to what this game has in store. Continue reading

Star Wars 1313 A Boba Fett Game?

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What is Star Wars 1313? All we know at the moment is that it’s a 3rd person shooter game about a bounty hunter. Oh, and it’s aiming for an ‘M’ rating! Will we really be getting a Star Wars shooter title that’s on par with the Battlefield, Call Of Duty and Bioshock games? Will this be the gritty used-future that’s so well portrayed in the books and comic’s and not the soft approachable fare found in most of the modern tellings of that galaxy far, far, away? Continue reading

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Gears of War 4

Game Informer (my favorite gaming magazine), broke the news of Gears of War 4 being showcased at E3 this year. They will have a huge article in their July issue talking about it, but we should hear more news on Monday as to who the mysterious man in glowing cuffs is and the role he plays in this follow up to the now completed trilogy. Continue reading

Free Xbox 360 with Laptop purchase for students.

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A new program has launched to no doubt help spur Xbox 360 software sales.  If you are a student, and you visit a participating retailer, and purchase a laptop for college any reason, then you get a little pleasure to go with your business.

This news is good for those who are looking for a new laptop and like themselves some games.

source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/microsoft-announces-return-of-pc-and-xbox-360-offer-for-students-152018795.html