Prometheus – Fire On The Horizon

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We are 8 days out from Prometheus hitting theaters. While we definately know this tale takes place among the Aliens mythology we await to see to just what degree and intensity it does.

Ridley Scott returns to a world he helped create and brings his unique visual style in full force along with a veritable who’s who of todays most talented actors. Starring Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, Noomie Rapace, Idris Elba, Sean Harris and more, Prometheus follows a group of scientific explorers as they venture to another far off world. While there they seek the answers to the origins of mankind. Some things are better left hidden. Continue reading

Free 2$ MP3 credit at

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Silly Amazon.  There you go again, giving away stuff again.  Granted, this is digital stuff, and therefore may not actually exist, but it’s definitely free.

Go here and follow the instructions (hint: you must have a facebook account).  Share your current favorite song and redeem your free MP3 credits.

You must redeem the credits by 11:59pm PST May 24th 2012.  Blast, there had to be a catch.

Free Xbox 360 with Laptop purchase for students.

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A new program has launched to no doubt help spur Xbox 360 software sales.  If you are a student, and you visit a participating retailer, and purchase a laptop for college any reason, then you get a little pleasure to go with your business.

This news is good for those who are looking for a new laptop and like themselves some games.