and now a few words from Neil Gaiman…..

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Neil Gaiman is best know for writing a biography on Duran Duran. Okay, maybe not, but still he did do that. In fact it was the first book he ever wrote. Sure he would go on to write Coraline and Stardust which were both made into films. He gave us classic Vertigo comics titles like Sandman, Death:The High Cost of Living and The Books of Magic. It’s that Duran Duran bio though that I like to imagine inspired many to start writing for themselves. Continue reading

Everything Avengers – Cinematic Collection (Phase One)

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Marvel’s Avengers is still in theaters raking in the money and entertaining adults and children alike. That has not stopped the announcement that it will be coming to DVD and Blu Ray on September 25th. There will be a 4 disc BD combo pack, a 2 disc BD combo pack and a 2 disc DVD combo pack loaded with featurettes, commentaries, a new Marvel short and more. That’s not all though.  Continue reading

Can You Survive The Walking Dead?

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Do you have what it takes to survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Now you can find out, for real.  The Walking Dead Escape is your chance to see if you have what it takes to survive societies end.


Petco Park in San Diego will be transformed into to the battle for humanities survival on July 12 through the 14th.  The course gives you a chance to fight for your life for a $70 ticket, which equates to about 35-45 minutes in the course, or you can be a walker for an as yet undetermined price. Spectator tickets are also set to be released though they have not been assigned a cost as of this publication. Continue reading

Disney Style X-men

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(Top Row: Wolverine, Colossus, Gambit & Rogue, Beast, Nightcrawler, Storm. Second Row: Kitty Pryde & Lockheed, Jubilee, Forge, Psylocke, Iceman, Arcangel. Bottom Row: Deadpool, Cable, X-man, X-23, Marrow, Domino, Kid Gladiator)

Deviant Art, artist, Matt Humphreys gives us his idea of what the X-men might look like if given the green light for a new animated series on, say, Disney XD. I really like the look of the characters and the inclusion of newer, lesser knowns like Kid Gladiator and X-man along with marquee stars like Wolverine and Gambit. A nice touch having Deadpool be aware that he is where he is. Continue reading

Brian’s Comic Book Picks for May 30th, 2012


Supercrooks #3 (of 4)

Place a bunch of comic book archetypes together and give them a week to commit the biggest super heist in comic book history. Mark Millar, of Kick ass fame, brings us the newest issue of his newest creation. Leinil Yu, brings his unique visual style to the party as well. While Mr. Millar is hit or miss with me, this has been a definate hit and a fun little twist on both genres. Jump on board and get a hold of this and the previous issues to see the firendships and interactions of super villains trying to help one of their own. Continue reading

Review: Spider-Man Blue

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This might be me showing up late to the party with this review, but we’ll just consider this a tenth anniversary celebration since it’s original run was from July 2002-April 2003.

Tim Sale and Jeff Loeb have done quite a few amazing books together (Superman For All Seasons, Daredevil Yellow, Hulk Gray) and this is one of the strongest in their stable. Continue reading

Proud To Be A ‘Geek’

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The Origin…


Today may 25th is Geek Pride day and this story makes me proud to be a ‘geek’.  I’m 31 years old and I shop for comics weekly, I draw superheroes in my spare time, I saw Avenger’s in theater’s three times…so far. I own multiple gaming systems, including Nintendo’s 8-bit masterpiece: the NES.  Not sure how high my geek cred is, but what of it I have I love and hope to never lose. Enough with me trying to justify being called geeky, now for the reason it makes me happier to be one.


Anthony Smith is a four year-old with hearing impairment who refused to wear his hearing aid. This is a time when he needs to be developing language skills and to be missing out on a larger spectrum of interaction is too great of a loss for him. Anthony declined to wear his hearing aid because superheroes don’t have to wear them. Continue reading

Brian’s Comic Book Picks for May 23rd, 2012


My recommendations for this week are………..

Marvel Zombies Destroy! #2

I enjoyed the first issue which brings together as ragtag a group as could be concieved. Dum Dum Dugan joins Howard the Duck and a whole lot of ridiculous others as they fight for a reality where the Nazis won World War 2 with zombies.
It’s been a silly, fun read and here’s to hopin the silliness and fun continues. Continue reading