Gazillion Entertainment’s ‘Marvel Heroes’ MMO Game Launches on June 4th

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Sharpen your adamantium claws, focus your optic blasts and ready your shields for the heroic gaming experience of a lifetime! Gazillion Entertainment announced today at PAX East that the highly anticipated free-to-play massively multiplayer online (MMO) actionRPG Marvel Heroes will launch around the world on June 4, 2013. Players who have purchased Founders Packs as part of the Marvel Heroes Founders Program will receive early access to the game up to seven days early, beginning on May 28, 2013. Marvel Heroes is a free, downloadable game for PC.

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2 of Iron Man’s Armors Revealed



If you have not seen the new trailers for Iron Man 3 then you may not know that a number of armor variants will appear in the film. We have seen concept art for a few of them but here is a closer look at 2 in general. The Mark 40 Hyper Velocity “Shotgun” Suit and The Mark 33 Enhanced Energy ” Silver Centurion” Suit. I feel like maybe they got the quoted names wrong on these but who knows. Anyway these are two of the suits you can expect to see. Most likely more will be revealed as we make our way towards May 3rd and the film release of Iron Man 3.

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