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Hot Comedy

Some years ago, I was watching The Complete Sam Kinison on my original Xbox, sharing some laughs with a friend.  25 minutes or so into the show, I heard a sparking sound.  The video of Sam on the screen turned to a digital photograph, and flames shot forth from my beloved Xbox.  Apparently a bug had crawled into my gaming console seeking warmth, and shorted two points on the motherboard that he shouldn’t have.  This left the charred remains of an insect and the burnt carcass of an Xbox. Continue reading

Off to a rough start.


This morning I started off optimistic.  I ate a lazy breakfast of generic cereal and proceeded to buy myself a website and hosting plan.  I was looking forward to developing a new website for people to be educated and entertained.  A place where you can look at recent video game reviews, or learn how to fix a computer problem.  Then my day took a different direction.

I came home to find my back door kicked in, and my two laptops and all of my wife’s jewelry gone.  I now type this clumsily on my ipad(it was located safely on my bible) with a new resolve.  I will continue making this site, and I will make it as good as I can with help from whoever I can coax it.  And I propose a toast.  May the following days involve the filing of fewer police reports than this.