The Dark Knight Rises Featurette 13+ Mins Of Goodies (spoilers!)

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A new behind the scenes cast and crew video has been released for The Dark Knight Rises! It contains a few spoilers for those interested, so view at your own risk. Click here for the video.

TDKR opens on July 20th, is anyone else as excited as us?!

Funny engrish to you laugh!

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Take a moment and read the following message carefully.  For maximum effect, read it aloud to a friend or loved one.

Radio Shack adapter engrish

That is what I was greeted with after installing a Radio Shack USB to Serial adapter driver, in America.

I understand that English is one of the more challenging languages to learn.  I also understand that a good proofreader translator is hard to find.

The psychology of work and play: Why we need both work and play

Shasta Lake at the harbor, in the rain.
Raining, and still at the dock, but at least it’s not working.

The human mind is a wonderful, awful, complex, painfully simple thing. It simultaneously runs all of our body’s important faculties, and yet I can’t remember where I just set my screwdriver. The brain manages our every muscle contraction and relaxation at a subconscious level that we could never achieve with any focus of our own. Even just walking and carrying on any real conversation is a testament to this. And despite all of this beauty and order, our thoughts boil down to the simplest ingredients. We seek, naturally, comfort for ourselves and a path of least resistance that would ultimately yield a boring and unfulfilling life. It is in these times we are blessed with discomfort and resistance.

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Free for all – ringtone giveaway

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"Free For All" imageA couple of weeks ago I entered into a contest.  The competition was to create the best “ringtone” for cell phones.  Each entrant was allowed two entries.  I chose one silly (Dubstep Ringtone), and one serious (Sailing on the Sunset).  They were both defeated, and I lost the contest.

Not wanting these to go to waste, I offer them now and forever as ringtones for your cell phones.

Give a listen.  If you like them, then use them.

Dubstep Ringtone

Sailing on the Sunset

Spider-Man Opens Big In Asia

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Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man opened to 50 million dollars in Asia this weekend, beating both the Avengers and the Dark Knights previous records. This is also the biggest opening for a Hollywood film in the history of American film in India by 74%.

It will be exciting to see what happens when Spider-Man opens in America in just a few days on July 4th. Stay tuned to Fizmarble true believers for all your Spidey related updates in the days to come!

Avengers To Reassemble?!

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Last week rumors popped up online from an anonymous source that a three hour cut of the Avengers could be headed our way by the end of summer/early fall.

Yesterday, June 27th, the film hit the $600 million mark, domestically which puts it $800k behind Titanic’s domestic gross and $160mil behind Avatar’s domestic total. Keep in mind this is after both of those had special edition re-releases to the cinemas, Avengers is still in its first run.

Yesterday’s news about Avengers new domestic total combined with the close gap between itself and James Cameron’s number one and number two all time grossing films, along with an “insider’s” tip on plans to a directors cut to be released for the Avengers this year and you have yourself something very cool to look forward to…maybe. It’s all rumor right now but with a Hulk sized initial release, the chances are as good as ever that we will get a directors cut in theaters this year if the limited history of re-releasing is to be used as a barometer. Excelsior!

An Amalgamate of Melodious Sound – A Fizmarble Mix (June 2012)

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Below you will find a list of songs I would like to share with you. Some new and some old. Varying styles and genres. I will link as many of them to Youtube as I can, but any that can not be found there can be found at Grooveshark is a great site and tool for streaming music. This will be a monthly offering from us and we encourage you to reccomend artists, bands and songs for inclusion in future mixes. We hope you find some new musical addiction somewhere among the songs that make up this Fiz Mix. Enjoy. Continue reading

Some of Our Favorite Fathers

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It being Father’s Day and all, we here at Fizmarble wanted to share with you some of our favorite dads from various walks of life both fictional and real. Proverbial and literal. So….Happy Happy Father’s Day to all you padre’s out there. Enjoy your new ties and check out this short list in no particular order. Continue reading

Facebook “Dislike” button is fake, potentially dangerous.

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After receiving a facebook request today to “enable the facebook ‘dislike’ button”, my first thought was, “I want to dislike this.”  You know, to be a punk.  But then I started to think that maybe there was more to this than what the surface reflected.  So I dove into the internet searching for “facebook dislike button” and it didn’t take long to reveal news of a recent scam to propogate malicious code.

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