Brian’s Comic Book Picks for May 23rd, 2012


My recommendations for this week are………..

Marvel Zombies Destroy! #2

I enjoyed the first issue which brings together as ragtag a group as could be concieved. Dum Dum Dugan joins Howard the Duck and a whole lot of ridiculous others as they fight for a reality where the Nazis won World War 2 with zombies.
It’s been a silly, fun read and here’s to hopin the silliness and fun continues. Continue reading

Mr. Bond. The Sky is Falling.



Bond is back this November with the Sam Mendes’ directed, Skyfall. It looks to be continuing the darker, grittier take on Bond and has 007 fighting threats from M’s past as it comes back to haunt her. This film stars Daniel Craig, Judi Denche, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes and Albert Finney. The first trailer was recently released and can be seen in the link below.

James Bond – Skyfall
You can also visit the official web-site at:

Weighing in on The Avengers or I Can’t Believe Wolverine Died At The End*

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*may include fake spoilers


I have been a fan of comic book characters and movies for as long as I can remember.So when they combine their forces I always want to see what happens. To be honest though, I was never a die hard Avengers fan. I like the characters and I see their place in the Marvel universe, but Captain America, Iron Man and Thor never had this grand appeal to me that other characters did. Still, I read Avengers comics here and there and have at least been aware of their time-line and pertinence to Marvel. I say this, to let you know whatever I say comes from someone who loves film and fantastic characters, but may speak with a bit of ignorance in regards to these particular heroes.

After the culmination of many years and movies we get the collective powerhouse of The Avengers. It stays pretty true to comic book form, while minor aesthetic changes have been made for the story to work and to accommodate the more modern take on these characters and their introduction and interaction to the world. This time line is much more crammed together than that of the comics and rightfully so. These are stories told 2 hours at a time while that other medium has had years to create relationships and histories, characteristics and quirks. Although limited by time, Joss Whedon and the rest, manage to apply those things which make the characters who they are in the comics to the film world without forcing things. It is allowed to naturally progress. To become what it is or change as it needs to be and in so doing allows us to deal with whatever changes in a more accepting way. Continue reading