iPad Mini



Apple loves their products, maybe more than you. Every other day a new isomething or other comes out. This year we got the new iPad, which might be the least creative or the best name ever. There’s iPhone 5 which takes the widescreen idea maybe a bit too literal and now it seems as though the iPad Mini is in our near future.
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Clutch Announces New Album!



Clutch, is the thinking mans rock band. History, sci-fi and literature over heavy blues rock, how could anyone resist? The answer is: they can’t. Clutch has maintained an incredibly loyal following since their debut album Transnational Speedway League debuted in 1993.

Set to be released 20 years after their first album, Earth Rocker will debut in March of 2013.

Produced by New Jersey producer extraordinaire Machine, the band has finished recording the album. Machine is currently mixing Earth Rocker for its release.

Check out the new records official site : www.EARTHROCKER.com

And don’t forget to stop by Clutch’s homepage where you can check out current tour dates and grab some merch : www.pro-rock.com

Battlefield 3 Gunship Update



If you’re anything like me you’ve probably enjoyed the massive kill count the Gunship has given you since its introduction in the new Battlefield 3 Armored Kill expansion pack. Part of what I’ve enjoyed about the gunship is how overpowered it is, which is also what makes it unlikable. And while this current update doesn’t change the damage of the GS, it does balance it’s speed and resistance to outside damage.

Check out the link to the Battlefield Battlelog for a full list of the updates and what seems to be an ‘explain before the trolls get us’ description of intent next to each listed change.

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The Olympic Mascot Wants Your Soul

Left Field


Meet Wenlock, the mascot of the 2012 London Olympic Games, keep your distance though, he looks a bit shady. The above picture is not doctored in any way, it’s an official press photo.

Just look at him, creepy. Take a long look into his massive eye, which is according to his mythology is a camera, and tell me you feel the joy of brotherhood and competition. I feel as though it’s threatening. “Hey kids! Wenlock is your friend. Don’t be frightened by his menacingly furrowed brow that scowls across his gigantic Sauron like eye that see’s and records all that you do.”

Wenlock also wears “friendship” bracelets that are in the colors of the five Olympic rings. Take note of how the right wrist has two bands and the left has three. Olympic colors? Friendship bands? More like trophies of past conquests, or “murders” if you don’t like thinly veiled subtext.

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Warning, this article is intended for 18 and up readers. (I talk about poop and silly body parts).


It has been a few days, two and a half to be exact, since I last had a cigarette. My body should be nearly free of nicotine and excess carbon monoxide, and for the most part I feel the same. It’s reassuring to know my world has not crumbled under the weight of not smoking. But there have been some hiccups…

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