What is Cuphead?!?


Studio MDHR taks the style of 30’s cartoons and with grand love and great difficulty applies it to video games with the running and gunning, ‘Cuphead’. While we have come a long way with the artistry and technology used to create our modern games, we can still find innovation and be impressed by looking to our past. Cuphead may look simple but it is by no means being phoned in. With hand drawn and animated characters, classic static, water color backgrounds and original music inspired by the toons of the era, Cuphead is looking to make worlds collide.

Get your first look at the upcoming title above and in a boss battle with ‘Captain Silver’ below. Studio MDHR has gone on record as saying they will be breaking the record of most boss battles in a single run and gun game aiming for 30 bosses which will beat the current record holder ‘Alien Soldier’ by 5. Cuphead will be releasing on PC first with potential for Mac, Xbox and Playstation to soon follow.

Keep tabs on Cuphead at the official Studio MDHR blog by clicking the link below.


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