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Battle Cards (http://playbattlecards.com/) is a new free massively multiplayer strategy based on card battles. Take your place as a commander of one of the glorious factions, The Brotherhood, sworn to defend the remnants of humanity through iron-fisted militaristic control or a fanatic, nihilistic sect obsessed with alien technology, known as The Cult.

As players find themselves in the universe of Battle Cards, they are easily acquainted with the game mechanics, which is comprised of a turn based card battles between two opponents. Unlike most CCG, players in Battle Cards share one deck, making necessary blocks to the card layout before the match, so the weaker cards may go to the opponent’s hand. Understanding this basic rule is crucial especially in the the beginning of the career. So don’t forget to lock as many cards as possible in your deck editor. Speaking of which, you can setup your deck from the preset of basic cards or buy additional cards in the game shop for honor points or tokens, which you acquire during the game. When you’re ready just click the autosearch button and the game will find you an opponent matching your rank and abilities. If you win, you get rating and progress the server ladder till you become a general or a Legend. If you lose, you lose an amount of tokens that you’ve put as a bet. You can bet all you have, but take the risks wisely.

Battle Cards is a pure PVP game. The match is played between two players, each with a “hand’ of having six cards at a time. Players take turns playing (or dropping) one card at a time. Each time a card is played it is summoned on the battlefield and its effect occurs with some astonishing visual effects and animation. Unlike other CCGs, where almost 99% of time you contemplate on the still 2D drawings, Battle Cards has all looks and feels of a real action battle, with units running and shooting and explosions with heavy noises going around. That’s what makes its gameplay even more spectacular. But let us go back to the rules. Cards that are played or dropped are recycled into the deck and may appear again later. The battlefield is comprised of two rocket launch pads. The aim of the players is by using certain types of cards, either to build up their rocket completely and fly away from the battlefield or destroy the opponent, leaving its rocket crumbled in smoke.

On a certain point in the game you’re given an option to join one side of the conflict: either a Brotherhood, which possesses heavy destruction cards, or a Cult, with swift deadly attack card patterns. The choice is yours to make. What’s more interesting, is that during a match you can combine cards in various combinations, to magnify their effects. For example cultist’s Legion unit has an ability to significantly decrease enemy’s armor, which can be then penetrated with a deadly attack of Albino unit.

Between the matches, you can upgrade your rocket with special gear and artifacts in you hangar. Some artifacts are rare but give outstanding effects. You can even install some secret weaponry, so called nano-chips, which then can be activated once per battle during a match. Some players may consider it a cheat, but what can be more surprising than a 25% damage boost of your heavily armored Leviathan.

As a browser based game, Battle Cards does fairly well in offering some socialization options. As per usual, you can invite friends to come take you on in a game or two. If a friend of yours enters the game via your referral link, you’ll receive additional in game currency bonus when he or she joins the faction. You may also send boosts to your friends as free gifts that will allow you to easily boost certain powers before playing. And finally you can assign friends into special profession slots, to upgrade your stats and aid you in battle.

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