‘Fathom’ Developer Unveils Exclusive New Video And Awesome New Assets On KickStarter Project Page


Games developer ‘Ironsun Studio’ is busy at work promoting their highly unique 2.5D underwater action-adventure, ‘Fathom’. This incredible game is currently seeking funds via KickStarter, and is a highly unique title combining the very best of puzzle solving and exploration all wrapped in a gorgeous and visually unique Steampunk environment!

‘Ironsun Studio’ is proud to announce that work has completed on the games first two levels, and work has begun on the third! To celebrate this milestone a stunningly beautiful video has been released on YouTube™ that showcases the games first (tutorial) level!

Furthermore, the developer has unveiled some stunning new visuals of the games Elite Drone, one of the full blooded bad boys from the deep! Production of the games third level is well under way, and ‘Ironsun Studio’ has released a really cool mock-up of the levels current design. This level features a variety of traps, some beautiful caverns and architecture, and also one hell of a dog fight! The games third level is massive, and will keep players exploring and adventuring for a very long time!

‘Fathom’ is without doubt unique; a blend of the markets most popular gaming genres combined with an immersive story, addicting gameplay, mind-bending puzzles, stunning visuals and an incredible score. Check out ‘Fathom’ immediately and be awestruck by its potential:


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