SoundSelf – A New Innovative Game Seeking Kickstarter Funding


SoundSelf is a sensual exploration game about the intrinsic pleasure of playing instead of the rewards of winning. You use your voice to explore a hypnotic world of sounds and visuals that feel like they are emerging directly from your body. Each tone will navigate you through strobing tunnels-of-light, impossible shapes, and into a meditative trance. The result is an elegant symmetry of image, sound and body: an entirely new experience of yourself and your world. Each play-through lasts one extremely intense hour.

There is no right way to play SoundSelf: Play with different sounds and the game will dance with you, or sustain long tones and SoundSelf will take you deep into your own sonic universe. Play alone, or share the experience with friends – no two players will have the same journey, and no one player will experience what many will together.

Visit the Kickstarter page at the link below to find out more.

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