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Rumor making the rounds is that Nova and the Nova Corps will be involved in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. It makes sense. Those ships in the background of the Guaridans promo art from Comic Con last year look a whole lot like Nova mask emblems. Guardians of the Galaxy will take place mostly in space and whateve rthey are going up against it makes sense that the Nova Corps would be involved. Much like Green Lantern from DC the Nova Corps are pretty much intergalatic police officers and they would be involved in some kind of epic tier battle if it happened. With Marvel bringing some lesser known characters like the Guardians to the forefront it also makes sense they would want to put someone like Nova out there as well. No info on which version of Nova we will be getting. With Marvel wanting to make a more cohesive universe it is more likely the younger and newer Sam Alexander instead of the more familiar Richard Rider. Most likely though it will be neither and simply be the introduction of the Nova Corps itself with Richard or Sam becoming members at a later time. Possibly setting up for a solo Nova story in the future. Consider it all rumor for now but a pretty solid one at that.


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