Brian’s Comic Book Picks for January 30th


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Invincible #100

100 issues have gone by in this tremendous series. Robert Kirkman is best known for The Walking Dead but Invincible truly is just as good if not better. It’s his take on the superhero genre and the world he has made is full of characters just as worthwhile as any in DC or Marvel. Invincible is very much what Spider-man used to be. The teenager with teenagers problems who comes into possession of great power and must choose to act responsibly or recklessly. Through 100 issues he has developed relationships, gained allies, made enemies, learned about his past and his father and the truth of who he is, lost loved ones and found out what it means to be Invincible. It’s been a great run and Kirkman is a genius at cliffhangers. Pulling you from one issue to the next is a lost art form in comics and he executes it most excellently. This is a big moment for this comic. 100 issues down and hopefully many many more to go…..but with this 100th issue we see the man as he was meet the man as he will be.

Avengers #4

The first arc of this new Avengers comic from Jonathon Hickman has completed and now it is time for something new. The new team has been assembled. A lot of heavy hitters and one of the heavist among them is Hyperion. This super man is formerly of the Squadron Supreme and now is a real deal Avenger. In this issue we learn his origin and how he went from what was to one of the mightiest and most powerful heroes in the Marvel universe. We also get to see some events go down in The Savage Land. The Legacy of The Garden if you will. They were not just going to up and walk away now were they??

Sixth Gun #28

There are six mystical guns of great power. There are those that would use them for good and those that would use them for evil. This is their story. This comic has been picked up to be a television series. Learn all about this world and those in it before it becomes moving pictures. Becky Montcrief is pursued through a frozen wasteland by a horror she never suspected – Drake Sinclair! If she hopes to survive, a terrible price must be paid and a sacrifice must be made. Meanwhile, Gord Cantrell, Kirby Hale, and Asher Cobb make a last stand against the Sword of Abraham!

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