Brian’s Comic Book Picks for January 23rd


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Young Avengers #1

Kieron Gillen &┬áJamie McKelvie bring you a new group of Young Avengers consisting of previous members Hawkeye, Wiccan and Hulkling and newbies Ms. America, Marvel Boy and the lord of mischief himself, Loki. It’s a new era with Marvel NOW running rampant and these kids are not out to prove themselves but to do what they can to help inspite of the stigma of their youth. Untrained super powered youngsters has been a problem in the past but I’m sure The Avengers have a watchful eye cast in their direction. I’m interested in seeing where this goes. Marvel has made a lot of diverse changes. Most are intriguing shifts in direction that have the characters being seen in a newer way than they have in quite some time. Others maybe just need time to grow into these new roles. At the very least it is all interesting and has me anticipating what is next for any and all characters of the Marvel universe.

Avengers #3

Captain America has picked his new team of Avengers to go back to Mars and save his allies along with taking out this new group known as The Garden. The Garden gave the Avengers a swift arse booting and kept most of them as trophies/guinea pigs. Cap leaves no one behind though and now has quite the large group to do some stomping of their own. This has been an interesting re-entry into the Avengers world. The characters have never been more popular and my favorite writer in comics right now is directing them on this new journey. It’s big adventures for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes that will see them grow as characters. Hickman knows how to write with a larger goal in mine and while it’s small steps here expect at the end of his run to look back and see the real amazement in it all. He has a way of making things seem a little bit magical.

Bedlam #3

Bedlam is a trip of a book. I’m still not sure entirely what it is I am reading but I like it. Take the world’s worst super villain. Pretty much surgically mess with his brain to the point where he forgets what he was and his tendencies and the such and then try to make himan upstanding member of society. Easy right. Well a serial killer begins serial killing and our rehabilitated naughty boy just doesn’t think the police can stop him on their own. So his mind gets to working. His thoughts get to turning. He starts remembering this and that and thinks maybe he’s the man to stop this new badness on the block. Madder Red once kept people hiding in their homes. He is better now but will he need to become worse again in order to stop another fear inspiring felonious freak.

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