Spider-Man is Getting ‘Fired’



In April, Marvel Comics is changing things up for Spider-Man yet again. With the events of issue 700 of Amazing Spider-Man it is now Doc Ock in control of Peter Parker’s body. While there is a bit of Parker still in there it is the multi armed Doctor calling the shots. Since then it has been his goal to show that he is indeed the Superior Spider-Man. Well come this April it looks like either his secret will be revealed or the way that he is now proves to be something no one else wants a part of. With the Avengers is the background and the word Fired in big bold print it looks like Spidey will be getting ousted from this team made up of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. What this also tells us is that this whole switcheroo with Doc Ock in the driving seat is not a passing fancy. It looks like he will be around for a bit of an extended stay.

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