Jurassic Life – A Jurrassic Park Inspired Half Life 2 Mod


One of my favorite games ever is Day of Defeat. It was a World War 2 mod based on the original Half Life engine and was a blast to play with my friends. Many are still getting creative out there and utlizing the tech of great games to explore their own ideas and create something new. The Jurrassic Life crew are utilizing the Half Life 2 Source Engine to bring us back to Jurassic Park and make the experience more exciting than ever. Nicolas “Redeyes” Kirsch, Robert “taurus” Olender, Julien “izZz” Desnos, Nicolas “infernal_cheese” Castagnede, Alexey aka “SIR_Halyavshik” and Régis “weSh” Boissenin are all designers, programmers and animators working on this project and you can get your first look in the video above. It looks like it will be a lot of fun. They have a new side story to go with their game as well. You can read the synopisis below.

Biotechnology society InGen, created and lead by the rich american John Parker Hammond, built a park on a Costa Rican bay island, Isla Nublar, called “Jurassic park”. This park is somewhat special as it allows fortunate people to see real live dinosaurs, created from a combination of genetic manipulations and dinosaur blood found in fossilized amber.

Due to recent incidents in the park, InGen investors start to worry, and demand that the park calls in specialists before it’s opened to the public. Thus, after long negotiations, paleontologist Alan Grant, paleobotanist Ellie Sattler and mathematician Ian Malcolm are sent to the island for the week end, with lawyer Donald Gennaro, who represents Hammond investors, in order to investigate the incidents. The visit starts out well, park systems work fine so far and everybody is amazed by seeing the first dinosaurs. Robert Muldoon (you!!) is checking the park an system security…

But some unexpected things are happening in the meantime: InGen’s biggest competitor, Biosyn industries, wishes to obtain Hammonds technology; Biosyn’s main advisor Lewis Dogson contacts the extremely qualified programmer Dennis Nedry, who programmed the entire Jurassic Park system, and gives him an opportunity: in exchange of a huge amount of money, Nedry would steal a few InGen’s embryo and deliver these to Biosyn. Unfortunately, Nedry decides to start his business this week-end.

Furthermore, a violent tropical storm falls on the island in the moment, electricity turns off, visitors are stuck, and dinosaurs start to escape from their enclosures…

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