Brian’s Comic Book Picks for January 2nd



Colder #3

This is a trippy title from Dark Horse Comics. It’s a supernatural book that does its own thing. You have this demon that exists somewhere between worlds. He speaks in rhyme. He is a thing of chaos and consumes the crazy and the sick. You have a man named Declan who was affected by this demon but not taken. As a result his body temperature has been lowering over the years. It has put him in a bit of age suspended animation. He keeps getting colder but also seems shut off from the world. It’s been 70 years and he has not aged a day. He is taken care of by a young scientist named Reece. She’s fed him and talked to him and done what she can but he just sits there like a vegetable. Until the day he no longer sits there. Declan is awake and he is able to see these creatures that feed off the mental and physical unwell. He seems to have been given a way to intercede in their attacks and so he does. Like I said, it’s a different book but one that interests and pulls you into a world you are not prepared to be in. Check it out.

Justice League Dark #15

This has been a good book from the get go but it’s really starting to become something great. I love quality team books. When done right you have a group of unique characters that grow individually but also as a team in their interactions and involvements. Creating a team made up of DC’s sorcerers and supernatural is great and the choices for those included on the roster are both eclectic and exciting. John Constantine has gone mainstream DC and where before I would cringe at this idea it has been made to work and I am glad to have him here. Deadman is a personal favorite of mine and Zatanna is a given and veritable magical DC legend. Now Frankenstein (Agent of S.H.A.D.E.) has joiced up as well and the team has been sent to an altenate dimension where magic and those who wield it are outlawed and hunted down. As the team looks for their missing compatriots they also try not to get taken down as well. They have 48 hours to find them or else risk being lost in a world that wants them dead…forever.

New Avengers #1

The Illuminati were a group made of Professor X, Tony Stark, Mister Fantastic, Black Bolt, Namor and Dr. Strange. When events would happen in the Marvel Universe that had huge overarcing effects on it, they would come together to make the decisions on what to do. While they began as a public entity they soon began meeting in secret as a result of the sometimes more idfficult but less accepted choices they would have to make. They are back in The New Avengers which starts today. Professor X has been replaced with The Beast and original member Black Panther finally joins this secret society he walked away from once they went and became secret. Jonathon Hickman writes this book that follows these highly influential men as they deal with our universe possibly solliding with another. It must be a big deal if it brought all of them together again. I can only wonder if this alternate reality they are working on keeping seperate from our own, has an Illuminati as well. If so are they working for or against the same goal?

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