The World’s Largest Pizza

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Guinness Book of World Records was on hand in Italy two weeks ago as the world’s largest pizza was attempted and successfully created. It was dubbed The Ottavia in honor of the first roman emperor along with something so massive needing its own name. A team of 5 Italian chefs led by Dovilio Nardi made this 131 in diameter gluten free pizza. It weighed in at 51,257 lbs. and you can check out what it took to make it below.

9.9 tons of gluten-free flour
2,480 gallons of water
Five tons of tomato sauce
4.4 tons of mozzarella cheese
1,488 pounds of margarine
551 pounds of salt
275 pounds of parmesan cheese
298 gallons of yeast

Upon completion of this massive pizza pie and winning the award and honor of world’s largest pizza, the Ottavia was cut up and delivered to various shelters in Rome to feed the hungry.

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Hey...gluten free?!  I can eat that pizza, gimme gimme gimme!