Brian’s Comic Book Picks for December 19th



All New X-Men #4

Cyclops faces his younger self and the other 4 original X-men in this first confrontation between the two groups. What will younger Cyke think seeing the elder aligned with Magneto? What will older Cyclops think in seeing Jean Grey in the flesh once more? This is probably my favorite of the new Marvel NOW titles. It’s a different approach and I feel is a really good way of putting things into perspective of how far things have changed. Cyclops has shifted from the ideals of Professor X to more along the lines of Magneto. He has become a villain in the eyes of most while a hero to othersĀ in the mutant community. It’s the most interesting he has ever been and looking back at what he has gone through over the years it really does make sense. He has been affected and transformed as a result. I see him leading the Brotherhood of Mutants one day. Good read and story. Check it out.

Green Lantern #15

This newest Green Lantern has had power thrust upon him like all the others but seems to be running away from the choice that has been made. Last issue The Justice League confronted him and he turned tail knowing full well he could not take them on. He has been labled a criminal and a teroristĀ in his human identity and is not getting a moments rest. In this issue he meets his first other Green Lantern and as unluck would have it, it’s Guy Gardner. The Third Army continues their attack and assimilation adding to their ranks as they do and we learn more about what happened to Sinestro and Hal Jordan who have been trapped somewhere for awhile now. What does it all have to do with each other?? We shall see.

Uncanny X-Force #35

There have been a lot of number 1 issues and a lot of final issues to books lately. Here’s one more as Uncanny X-Force calls it quits. This ends the Final Extinction storyline as we see just who has had the most influence on Genesis. This boy was destined to become Apocalypse. Wolverine has tried his best to keep that from happening but the New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants have been trying their best to bring about the monster hiding inside the boy. Rick Remender has given us some really good stories in this book. It’s been a good team with well written characterizations and quality twists and turns. I’ve enjoyed his version of Deadpool, the inclusion of Deathlock to the team, the return of the Brotherhood to prominence, Fantomex and the AoA Nightcrawler. It’s been good stuff that recognizes what has happened in other storylines and everything that happens carries that weight. Another quality book that is worth your time to read it.


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