The Phantom Pain – VGA Trailer


This game from Moby Dick Studio premiered at Spike TV’s VGA Awards. It looks strange and intense and is not a game that you would expect to be getting a big trailer at a heavily viewed event but it did and I am intrigued. There are many rumors being tossed about concenring The Phantom Pain which you can view below but if you would rather not have anything potentially spoiled. Then stop here and keep the mystery alive.

Reactions to the game as stated on The Phantom Pain Wikipedia page:

After the teaser trailer aired, numerous video game-related websites and fansites reported the trailer’s seemed connection to the Metal Gear series of video games. Although the trailer presented the game as being developed by Moby Dick Studio, there were a few hints that The Phantom Pain may have some connection to Kojima Productions and the Metal Gear series due to the protagonist’s resemblance to Big Boss, as well as the head of Moby Dick Studio, Joakim Mogren’s first name was an anagram of “Kojima”. In addition, it was also discovered from the whois search engine that the studio didn’t even exist until roughly two weeks prior to the trailer’s official release. It was discovered that the title “Metal Gear Solid V” fits perfectly in the indents and negative space above the game’s logo if using the exact same font and it was noted that the in-game graphics portrayed in the trailer bore close resemblance to those of the Fox Engine. Metal Gear Solid voice actor David Hayter has also hinted that he is involved with the game.

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