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joseph gordon levitt as batman

So I guess there’s this guy, George Gordon Levi.  I think he was the kid from that show 30 Rock from the Sun.  I haven’t seen him since Inception Horn, but apparently he worked on one of the new Christopher Nolan versions of the Batman movies.  Christopher Nolan also did The Illusionist.  Maybe it was The edward norton smiley facePrestige.  I can’t remember which one he did and I can’t be bothered to Google it, but it was the one with Christian (“Swear to me!”) Bale and not Edward “Not Ben Affleck” Norton.


Where was I?  Something about the Hulk…no, I remember.  So Christian Bale was Batman for three movies and I heard at the end of the third one, George Gordon (not commissioner Gordon, that was Gary “I can’t believe that’s GarTotally Gary Oldmany Oldman” Oldman) is supposed to do something and someone says something like, “What’s your name??” and he’s like “Robin”.  I sort of missed the context of this comment, but I think it has relevancy.  You see, there were some rumors that Gordon Levi would be Batman in the Justice League movie, which is apparently being made.  So the connection with Gordie and Batman is that his name was “Robin”, like that means something.  Robin’s name wasn’t even Robin, it was something like Dick, or Master.  In either case, Robin was more like a stage name.  Forgive me if some of my facts are fuzzy, I was always more of a Marvel guy.


Now, the rumors were that Levi would be Batman, Does this look like the face of a Batman?but it seems to me more plausible that the rumors should be that he would portray Robin.  Whatever, the internet says he’s going to be Batman.  But then Geordie’s people say that he’s not going to be Batman, and I believed it.  But then I Now that's the look of a, on a website with a way higher page rank than, that Geordi would be the next Batman.  I don’t know who to trust, some well ranked website (compared to fizmarble) or the people directly NOT involved with the new Justice League movie.

There may have been more to the story, but I was only half listening.

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