No Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman in The Justice League

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I didn’t want to write about this because honestly it just seemed dumb to me be it news or not but it’s denouncement makes it an easier pill to swallow. Rumor was going around yesterday via some well respected movie news sites that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in talks to be involved in the upcoming Justice League film as Batman potentially. While Christopher Nolan has parted ways after completing his Batman trilogy, Levitt was signed to a Warner Bros. contract and could have potentially taken the role if both parties decided to go that route. For all intents and purposes Levitt was Robin in The Dark Knight Rises as if he took on the Batman role in The Justice League it would be a non Bruce Wayne, Batman. That’s dumb. If DC is wanting to get things rolling in a positive way that would have been a horrible first step.

Representatives of Levitt said via today that this is definitely not going to happen and that it was a case of a rumor becoming more than it is. I like Levitt but he would not be my pick for Batman and his inclusion would only distract from whatever new vision and path they want to take with the JLA team. So for now there is nothing too solid to report on this film other than speculative conjecture and wishful thinking.

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