A Gameplay Trailer for ‘Ether One’ from White Paper Games


Here’s a new first person indie title driven by story and puzzles for the curious. It’s a good looking title and I really like the color saturation. Check out the video and read on to find out more about Ether One.

White Paper Games, a Manchester based micro-indie studio who has recently secured £25,000 from Abertay Universities Prototype fund is proud to announce the release of their first game play trailer for Ether One, the first part in a two game mini-series named Ether.

The game play trailer takes the viewer on a journey through a small portion of Ether One showcasing story elements, puzzles and interactive actions displaying the core game play elements of a science fiction first person adventure game.

About Ether One
Ether One is the first entry in the two part first person adventure game that flows on science fiction undertones in order to explore the importance and fragility of human memories. Set in the mind of a mysterious woman named Jean you will take on the role of a Restorer, an individual who can enter a person’s memories in order to fix and mend them.

Unsure of your own identity or why you have been sent to restore this particular person your goal is to explore a physical representation of her memories, solve puzzles, uncover forgotten information and find the broken sources of each one. Through this you will build up an understanding of who you are, why this is not just a normal restoration job and most importantly what your relationship is with Jean.
Ether One is the first half in a journey of haunting relationships and choices that are explored through carefully crafted game play and narrative in order to deliver an adventure game full of interaction and puzzles that will immerse you in the Ether world and story.

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