The Mortal Kombat Movie Reboot is Getting Over Here


Warner Bros. has come forth and stated their intent to mak a rebooted Mortal Kombat feature film. They will be putting about 50 million dollars into it and the reboot will see Kevin Tancharoen direct. Tancharoen was the man behind the digital series shown on Machinima, Mortal Kombat:Legacy that took a new look at the familiar characters. Nothing is set in stone as of now plot wise or even if it will be connected to the web-series.

The 1995 film was fun enough while the sequel was pretty bad….yeah….pretty bad. Mortal Kombat has survived over the years and maybe this new attention on the big screen will be enough to help it finally thrive a bit. More information to come as we get it. Until then check out the web-series over at Machinima by heading to the link below.

Mortal Kombat:Legacy

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