25 of The Greatest Fictional Weapons Ever (Part 1)

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I could have easily made this a 30 or 40 or 50 Greatest Fictional Weapons of all time list but I didn’t. While I may double up on a couple of them making it more than the 25 it’s more for parallel comparison than adding to the number. Above is the Lancer from Gears of War. This chainsaw adorned assault rifle is a beast in its games and gets honorary mention here. This isn’t a list ranking weapons though. This is an accounting of just a few I picked from movies, comics and video games. So in no particular order I give to you part 1 of Fizmarble’s, 25 of the Greatest Fictional Weapons Ever.


Not to be confused with the Sword in the Stone, Excalibur is the blade given to King Arthur by the Lady of the Lake. It was given to the king to be his weapon against those who would do great evil against him and his people. Where as the Sword in the Stone was a symbol showing who the true ruler of Britain would be, Excalibur was the blade of legend that would enforce that title.



While much of Batman’s arsenal could be included in this list it’s his Batarangs that are the most notable. Working as ninja stars, knives and boomerangs these razor sharp ranged weapons can be used to incapacitate, remove weapons from the hands of criminals or stop them in their tracks via expertly placed throws in their escape paths. Batman doesn’t use guns but he has found a worthy alternative.


Star Trek Phaser

The go to weapon of choice for Star Fleet personel this handheld pistola of sorts can stun you or cook you depending on its setting. They can even be set to overload for a last ditch explosive effort. They build up a force-chamber explosion by continuously generating energy without releasing it; the resulting blast can destroy most natural objects within a 50 meter radius. seeing as how the ship phasers can blast through asteroids these mini-versions are nothing to scoff at.


The Hammer of Dawn

While the Lancer is a standout Gears of War weapon my vote goes to The Hammer of Dawn. If I had a chance to use it I most likely would. That little gun above may not seem like much but it is used to paint your enemy. Point, shoot and keep on your target and the oribital satellite on high will let loose with an Imulsion energized laser leaving nothing but a hole in the ground. A really, really big hole in the ground.


The Colt

The 1835 Colt Paterson revolver, usually referred to as “the Colt”, was made by Samuel Colt for a paranormal hunter. According to legend, anything shot by this gun, using one of its thirteen original bullets, will die, including creatures normally immune to any and all weapons. On Supernatural Sam & Dean Winchester have used this weapon to kill many an aspect of evil but it was lost after a trip to the past. That whole past thing though…it has a way of finding you.



Before he was a tank in the movies and games, Megatron would transform into a gun far smaller than one would expect. Usually fired by Soundwave he would let loose with highly destructive blasts of concentrated energy that one can only assume used a combination of Energon and Megatron’s own anger as ammunition.


The Proton Pack

The Proton Pack, designed by Dr. Egon Spengler, is a backpack-portable particle accelerator system that is used to create a charged particle beam – composed of protons – that is fired by the proton gun or neutrino wand. Described in the first Ghostbusters movie as a “positron collider”, it presumably functions by colliding high-energy positrons to generate its proton beam.


Wolverine’s Claws

It was believed that Wolverine’s claws were additions made to him during his time in the Weapon X program. It later came to light that they were a part of his initial mutation and all Weapon X did was make them more dangerous. These 6 blades (3 for each hand) are coated in unbreakable Adamantium as is the rest of Wolverine’s skeleton. By using certain muscles of his forearms he is able to “pop” these claws much like a cat does and once they lock in place they will not budge until he retracts them. These claws are synonymous with Wolverine and have done more than their fair share of damage over the years.


The Point of View Gun

Created for the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy film by Douglas Adams himself, The Point of View Gun was commissioned by the Intergalactic Consortium of Angry Housewives, who were tired of not getting through to their husbands during arguements. One blast from this weapon and all gripes and grievances are dealt with leaving you more time to ponder the answer to life, the universe and everything.


The Noisy Cricket

This little guy hails from the Men in Black series. It fires a powerful orb of destructive energy but has one hell of a kick. Noisy Crickets are deliberately given to rookies, and bets are taken on how far the rookie will fly as a result of the gun’s recoil (a practice discouraged under MIB’s ‘No Hazing’ policy).


The BFG & The Redeemer

These two I place here in tandem due to their similiarity and destructive properties. The BFG 9000 known more commonly as the Big F@#$ing Gun or Bio Force Gun in the Doom movie shoots antimatter resulting in an instant kill if a direct hit is made. The Redeemer from the Unreal games is a portable thermonuclear warhead launcher. The Redeemer’s missile causes a gigantic explosion, the shockwave of which vaporizes players instantly. The secondary fire launches a guided nuke which the user can pilot remotely, via an onboard camera. While guiding the missile, the user can see only the missile’s point-of-view and is thus unable to see what happens to his/her player. M-m-m-m-monster kill.


A Green Lantern Ring

Quite possibly the most powerful weapon in the DC Universe the rings of The Green Lanterns form whatever the wearer can conceptualize from their imaginations into green energy constructs. Fueled by the great central battery and directed by sheer willpower these rings are both limited (in overall energy expenditure) and limitless (the potential in what is able to be created and the capability of its creator). On the hand of someone like Hal Jordon it is a tool for great good. On someone like Sinestro it could be used for something far darker.

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Manish Tarun
Manish Tarun

I have used this Colt - fictional weapon in many video games. 


Awesome List. I love lists! Is the proton pack considered a weapon? It only contains thing within the streams (that you should never cross FYI).

Orion Williams
Orion Williams moderator

Greatest article ever.  I look forward to part 2.

Orion Williams
Orion Williams moderator


 I think it could be considered a weapon or a tool.  But it's use to "fight" the supernatural entities that plagued the city give it credence as a weapon, I think.  Also, we use Legris elbows in our MACS Coolers, and that's just a cool connection.