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You can’t escape it. Car radios, in stores, in restaurants, people just humming it. That Gotye song is everywhere and “Someboday That I Used To Know” will probably go down as the most infectious song of the 2012 year. A number of parodies, covers and memes have popped up related to it and Fizmarble has collected an assortment of them to help you make your peace and overcome this debilitating mental contagion through facing your fears. Enjoy?

Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know


The Walk Off The Earth cover


The Walk Off The Earth parody


Glee cover


“Kicked Your Monkey” – A Bad Lip Reading of Somebody That I Used To Know


Star Wars parody


Saturday Night Live parody


2 Guys That Want To Turn It Off But Can’t 


You Didn’t Have To Cut Me Off memes – credit to


If Alvin and The Chipmunks sang it



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