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Eduard Khil, famous for his Trolololo song passed away early yesterday in a St. Petersberg hospital after suffering a stroke. In 2010 a video for his song “I Am So Happy To Come Home Again” went viral after Inglorious Basterds actor Christoph Waltz parodied it in an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Embraced by millions on the internet, Eduard became known as Mr. Trololo and was soon performing his song on television shows around the world once more. While it originally had lyrics they were found to be too associated with american culture and lifestyle. Instead of re-writing the song he continued singing it replacing the words with those simple tros and lols plus a little bit of laughter thrown in for good measure.

Maybe it’s silly, but it’s fun too and has supplied me with a smile when I needed it a time or two. He made his mark and today the internet community mourns the loss of one they helped create. Good bye sir and thanks for the trololos.














Below you can find a link to a more in depth look at the life of Mr. Khil along with video of his Trololo song and the parody of it featuring Christoph Waltz:

Eduard Khil News Feature

Trololo Video

Christoph Waltz Trololo Video

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